Prioritization and Time Management

Attempting to run a blog, or rather start a blog, is quickly becoming a lesson in time management and prioritization. I learned last week that when push comes to shove the blog will be delayed until school and real life networking opportunities are fulfilled.  I had two papers and a midterm last week, I also had the opportunity to meet with a potential employer at a fundraising event for his organization. These forces combined to make it very hard to get around to writing a blog post, which I did start several times, but now seems not as relevant as this topic.

White rabbit from Disney's Alice in Wonderland

“I’m late, I’m late!”

When looking for a job or internship, and balancing going to school also, I’m finding that in many situation I prioritize networking opportunities over everything. I don’t mind doing that, it speaks directly to my core values and beliefs. I am not learning what I want to be learning in my classes, they no longer seem relevant to me. I’m finding it very hard to dedicate more time than is absolutely necessary to complete the work for my classes. I’m spending way more time researching organizations I might want to work for, writing cover letters, reworking my resume, and reading blogs and books about nonprofit marketing and nonprofit fundraising. Heck, as I sit here and write this, I had a chat with the owner of the pub I’m in where I mentioned my interests and career path; he sits on the board of directors for a local nonprofit. Another connection was made. A possibility to develop my skills, or maybe even get paid, who knows.

But my point is I’m learning what I prioritize in real life vs what I prioritize on paper. On paper, my education is the most important thing. In practice I’m finding that my future and its impending impact with my present is much more important to me. I’m finding that the drive to work on my future career path is far more important to me than what is soon to be the end of a chapter for me. As I face graduation I’m finding I would rather be working on something that might actually get me a job. Where my classes don’t seem applicable. Yeah, this is basically my justification for my terrible senioritis. I’m bored talking about this for now. If you really want to know more, send me a message at or leave a comment. My next post will be about what I’ve been reading.


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One response to “Prioritization and Time Management”

  1. Stephanie Shirley says :

    Running a blog (and not letting it go cold for months at a time) is definitely a time commitment! I’m coming up on almost two years of having mine publish weekly and that’s quite a few posts. I’ve found that when I have time to write, I write as much as I can and schedule posts out in advance. This greatly helps with life tends to sneak up on you–you still have pre-scheduled posts to run as usual.

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