Bad time to start

So. . . apparently the week before having three midterms is a bad time to start a blog. Who knew?

A pile of paper about to overwhelm me. . .okay back to studying.

How I feel right now. Okay back to studying. . .

We were last talking about how working with Dance Marathon and Children’s Miracle Network changed my future. At least I believe that’s what we were talking about.

I have wanted to work in the non-profit sector since I was 14. When I first went door to door for a campaign. I knew then that connecting with people and protecting people’s rights was what I wanted to do. I thought then an for many years after that I wanted to either work on political campaigns or as a lobbyist for human rights issues. There is still a large part of me that is drawn to that work, so I won’t count it out. I love the rush of campaign season, long hours of networking and longer hours of crunching numbers and making the next days strategies. But one of the things I love most about campaigns is the direct ask. I love asking people to support my candidate, to support my cause, or to vote for my issue. I love to share the stories about why my cause, candidate or issue should matter to people. I love “the ask.”

With Dance Marathon I got to make the ask, and I got to do it a lot. I was asking friends and family for donations. Heck, I was asking strangers and companies I didn’t know to support Dance Marathon and Children’s Miracle Network. But that was only one layer. I was also going around to student organizations on campus and asking other students to participate in Dance Marathon and to go out and ask their friends and family to donate. I was teaching others to make “the ask.”

That was last year. It was a rough year personally, but it was the year I learned I love “the ask,” but more importantly I love helping others to love “the ask.” I started researching fundraising techniques and marketing for non-profits. You can see the short list of blogs I read in the side bar. All of them are marketing blogs. I also follow fundraising and development blogs. Anything about the non-profit sector I can find.

Marketing covers a lot of areas in my life. From marketing myself to potential employers to marketing my ideas. To tips on telling my story and current trends in non-profit marketing. I’m reminded constantly, by these bloggers that I look up to, that we are all selling ourselves at all times. I want to get a job in the non-profit field. And this is my attempt to sell myself to the Executive Directors and Human Resource Managers out there that I know what I’m doing, I read the right things, and I’m willing to learn everything about the field and the organizations that I want to work with.


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One response to “Bad time to start”

  1. Opinionated Miscellany says :

    Good luck with both endeavors, the new blog and the non-profit work.

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