I thought I should put a quick welcome not here just to say hi and to introduce myself and my project to you.

My name is Travis and I’m about to graduate from the University of Oregon at the age of 31. Well I’ll be 31 when graduation finally happens. I’m studying Political Science and Philosophy, but my real passion is for non-profit marketing, development and fundraising. I’ve always had a passion for non-profit and non-governmental organizations and a passion for political advocacy.

My introduction to non-profits was through political advocacy work. I went door to door at the tender age of 14 fighting against discriminatory ballot measures here in Oregon. I continued to volunteer year after year with Basic Right Oregon (BRO) as we continued to fight against discrimination on our ballots and in our legislative halls.

My work with BRO has been anything from a volunteer, to a volunteer trainer at State Lobby Days, to traveling with them to other states to work on Marriage Equality. Like in 2009 when I flew to Maine to work on Question 1. I still volunteer and work with BRO today, though my education takes up far more of my time than I would like.

Over the last few years I have worked with Children’s Miracle Network on the Dance Marathon. Here I worked on recruitment of participants and leading a team of 40 “morale captains”. Our job was to network to gain participants and to keep participants engaged in fundraising and having fun at our celebration of fundraising Dance Marathon.

In my next post I’ll tell you why that was significant.


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